Phinney Ridge Art Walk – 8.10.2012

The Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle has a great art walk that has been going on for decades. It’s one I particularly enjoyed because they closed down the main street through the neighborhood and encouraged artists to set up easels to do some painting.

2012 – Phinney Ridge Art Walk

I love painting in public but for this event I decided to let the visitors do the painting. I set up two large canvases and let people help create the paintings.

The children were particularly enamored by the opportunity to help create the paintings but there were more than a fair share of adults who were happy to help.

I knew that we wouldn’t be creating anything that was ready for display or sale so I had gone into the event thinking that I’d either just paint over and reuse the canvas, or would try to adapt them to become more of my own. Over the years since the event I have worked on them from time to time but haven’t ever gotten to what I would call a finished painting.

I’ve got them out in my garage and I’m sure I’ll pull them out again to keep working toward a final conclusion.