Normandy Park Art Show

The first time I ever showed my paintings in public was at the Normandy Park Art Show. I was more than a little nervous and I was both entering a painting into the competition and having a table set up to sell paintings. I sold four paintings and won a prize. Unfortunately, now I don’t recall whether it was first or second place in that first outing.

I brought along an easel so I could paint during the two day show. People were intrigued by my “Dollopism” style but at the end of the first day I hadn’t sold anything. But the second day really took off and I sold four paintings in my very first outing!

I was so happy to see the results of the competition and to see a ribbon next to my painting. I don’t recall for sure but I think in this first year it was a second place ribbon but that was fantastic to me. All of a sudden I was an award winning artist!

I entered paintings in several addition shows over the years and won a number of 1st, 2nd and 3rd places along with several Honorable Mentions.

Following are some photos from these events.

Artist Kerry Smith with "Storms of Summer"
Artist Kerry Smith with “Storms of Summer”


Normandy Park Transitions
Normandy Park Transitions



1st Place

Now Hold Me Close (Center painting)