Gifting paintings

One of the really pleasurable aspects of being an artist is being able to gift paintings. Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to have friends who are interested in a painting, or two, and can actually afford to pay. But it’s also extremely gratifying to just give paintings away to a good friend and good home.

Some readers may know that I have a benign tumor on my spinal cord. But just because it is benign doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cause me some issues. Right after the neurosurgery that attempted to remove the tumor, I discovered that routine massage sessions were beneficial.

I ended up seeing Molly Gamble-Schutt for a number of years. She was extremely helpful for me and became a good friend. If I hadn’t moved away from Seattle, I’m sure that I would still be seeing her at least once a month.

I was so happy that Molly loved my paintings. I gave her a couple for her studio and was always happy to see them hanging when I went for my massage. And when it was time to move away, I gifted quite a number of paintings to her. I couldn’t possibly have taken them with me and I’m so happy knowing that they found a good home.

Here are just a few of the paintings that are now in Molly’s good hands.

Healing Heart with Molly